Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for Mumbles Duathlon 2014.

220 Triathlon awards voting closes Friday!

In 2012, the Mumbles Triathlon won the award for Race of the Year (<500) at the 220 Triathlon awards. This year, another race in the Activity Wales Events calendar has been nominated for the award – The Wales Triathlon.

Again, we would love to win an award to make it two years on the bounce, but we need your help to succeed. You can vote for the Wales Triathlon online by following these instructions…

You can go to the 220 Triathlon vote by clicking here. Make an account on 220 Triathlon if you haven’t already! It’s FREE, and you won’t be able to vote if you don’t have one!

Finally, click ‘Vote Now’, and for the Race of the Year (<500 entries) category, type into the box… ‘The Wales Triathlon’ and click Submit.

Thank you for your continued help, our fingers are crossed!

Good Luck To Team VM at Mumbles Duathlon

A great video by the Vigin Vipers, who are wishing Team VM good luck in the Mumbles Duathlon this weekend.

A group of the Vipers got together and filmed a Cheerleading Routine to wish good luck to the Duathletes of Team VM racing in the Mumbles Duathlon and to support Brian Jenkins, who is raising money for Cancer Research in honour of his father, Ron, who tragically passed away in July 2011 due to cancer.

You can donate to Brian’s cause by visiting his Just Giving page:

Mumbles: 24th Jul
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